Veggie Tunnels

Welcome to Veggie Tunnels.


We supply DIY veggie tunnels. These veggie tunnels are just about as easy to install and set up as a tent. In fact it is a tent with a see through roof.

The purpose of this web site is to make available to small subsistence farmers / home vegetable gardens. These tunnels can be used for any form of plants.

Flowers, vegetables, herbs, seedlings etc. We started this business basically from necessity, having grown home vegetables for many years, battled with, weather, hail (survived the recent golf ball size hail), pets, chickens, monkeys, bugs (we have snails crawling on the outside of the netting trying to get in), birds and all sorts of unwanted guests. We started looking for a cheap form of veggie tunnel. I was shocked to find that these tunnels can cost into the 10’s of thousands of rands.

With the help of a large manufacturing company we have finally found an easy to erect, cheap to purchase complete veggie tunnel system.

These tunnels can be erected with two people within 3 hours.

Please have a look at Home Grown Vegetables, there is list of the veggies we have planted and growing, and some photos. We are based in the KZN midlands.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any questions.

For a reasonably small investment you can have your own organic vegetables fresh every night. – Ok i know you will have to get your hands dirty but hey a little bit of hard work will bring results.